Vegetation Management Member Notifications

Vegetation Management Member Notifications

In order to keep members informed about the integrated vegetation management activities that will occur within the ROW on their property, the Cooperative communicates with members in the following ways:

Operations Updates in the Cooperative’s bi-monthly newsletter, the Catskill Hi-Line, inform all members of the general operations activities of the Cooperative’s own crews and contractor crews.

Members whose properties will have trimming, clearing, or herbicide application performed are also notified with a personal letter approximately 1 month prior to the work being performed.  Effective in 2017, these members will also receive an automated call with information about the nature of work to be performed at their property, approximately 2 weeks before the work will be performed.

Prior to actually performing the work on a member’s property, a member of the Cooperative’s staff or a contractor will also knock on the member’s door and offer the member the opportunity to ask questions about the work to be performed.  Cooperative crew members also offer copies of herbicide labels to members for any herbicides that may be used on their property.  If the member cannot be reached personally, a note is left on the door handle of the member’s house.  The note has contact information for Cooperative staff as well as links to vegetation management information on the Cooperative’s website, including herbicide labels.

If any member has questions about the Cooperative’s integrated vegetation management program, they can call CEO/General Manager, Mark Schneider any time at 607-746-9282.

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