Interested in Becoming a DCEC Director?

Interested in Becoming a DCEC Director?

Interested in Becoming a DCEC Director?
Each year, an independent committee of DCEC members work to nominate members interested in running for the DCEC board at the Cooperative’s Annual Meeting. This year, members will elect new directors at the 2020 Annual Meeting scheduled for September 18, 2020. The Committee, has kicked off their work on April 2nd, and will submit official nominations by June 2020.

This year the following members have volunteered to serve on the 2020 Nominating Committee

Rachel Polens
John J. Lynch Jr.
Joseph E. Carroll
Thomas Courtenay-Clack
Amber Phraner
Frank Sotera


For information about how to contact the Nominating Committee please call CEO/General Manager Mark Schneider at (607) 746-9282 or email him at

Director Region Up For Election In 2020:
The director positions that are up for election in 2020 include the Northern, Central, Southern Regions.

How to Apply to Become a DCEC Director:
Below is information on the roles and responsibilities of serving as a director and information on the nomination process. To view DCEC’s policy regarding Director Qualifications and Responsibilities click here.

If elected to serve on the DCEC Board, directors are strongly encouraged to complete a series of five (5) director education courses, each 1 to 1.5 days long, which will lead to certification. These courses include:

  • Director Duties and Liabilities
  • Understanding the Electric Business
  • Board Roles and Relationships
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Decision Making

If you are a member and are interested in becoming a candidate, you must submit the following information to the DCEC Nominating Committee by June 2020:

  • Letter presenting your credentials and qualifications;
  • Explain why you are interested in serving on the DCEC Board of Director;

Include any other information that you feel may be relevant in applying for the candidacy.